About Nedac GmbH

Young at heart, but rich with tradition

Nedac GmbH is a producer and distributor of non-food products to retailers and wholesalers. In Germany, Nedac GmbH is the leading producer of greeting cards, wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags on the German market under the brand Horn (“Die gute Karte”). The company is known for contemporary and trendy, innovative designs that fit the modern zeitgeist. The cards differ from festive and funny designs to more earnest and classic motifs.

The Horn brand delivers the right card for every type of occasion. The wrapping paper and gift bags make every gift that much more special. The designs are classy and contemporary. We also offer seasonal designs for e.g. spring or Christmas.

The company is young at heart because of the dynamic, energetic and innovative way that we work. Our traditional values stem from over 70 years of evolving and developing the brand, becoming one of the leading publishers of greeting cards and gift wrapping paper in Germany.

Our slogan is “recognize trends while meeting today’s customer needs”. That mantra has dictated thousands of new designs that are produced each year. Only the best designs are selected for production. State of the art technology and traditional craftsmanship, mastered by employees who are experts in their field, ensure the quality you see in our cards and other products.

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Office Nedac GmbH
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