About Nedac GmbH

Young at heart, with a wealth of experience

Nedac GmbH has a knowledgeable and skilled team that works on design, marketing, procurement, sales, storage, distribution and logistics. Each of these departments makes a vital contribution to our success story. The pillars on which we build our success are in-depth knowledge and a strong sense of our products and the market. We design with a keen eye for detail, value our customers' opinions and bring our a-game every day.

Since 2017, Nedac GmbH and the Horn brand are part of the Nedac Sorbo Mascot group. Nedac Sorbo Mascot is a distribution and trading company, headquartered in Duiven in the Netherlands, with offices in Great Britain and Belgium. In addition to various non-food ranges, Nedac Sorbo Mascot is also a leading company in the greeting card sector. Horn complements the current offerings and strengthens Nedac Sorbo Mascot's position in the German retail market.


The Horn product portfolio comprises greeting cards, gift wrapping and ribbons. The brand is known for its modern and innovative designs, but also offers more classic styles. We have the right product for every occasion. Thanks to our dynamic and innovative character, Nedac GmbH has stayed young at heart, which we can combine with over 70 years of experience. During those 70 years, the brand has developed continuously and is now a leading publisher of greeting cards. Among Horn clients are retailers, supermarkets, department stores and wholesalers in German-language countries.

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Office Nedac GmbH
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