Business Alliances & Associations

Working together to improve the market and industry


The PBS Brand Industry Association represents the common interests of nearly 50 manufacturers of school supplies, office equipment, presentation and communication products, organizing equipment, adhesives, writing and drawing tools and supplies, calendars and albums, greeting cards, labels and related products in Germany and UK neighbouring states. The market of these products today has around 350 manufacturers, including some 50 well-known brands and just under 5,000 office suppliers and stationers. The total turnover amounts to about 7 billion euros – sans postcards, stationery and envelopes and without hygiene papers for household and office needs.

The association emerged in 2014 and promotes cooperation between member companies in all relevant market issues and offers opportunities to improve their product and market knowledge. 

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PBS Ehrenkodex

PBS code of honour

The organizations and institutions of the German PBS industry have set ethical rules of conduct for entrepreneurs and companies. The initiative comes from the paper, office supplies and stationary industries and is now organized by the PBS Brand Industry Association.

These principles for fair business conduct in the German PBS industry are intended as an Honour Code to promote competition and safeguard against anti-competitive practices. The Honour Code addresses all branded goods manufacturers and distributors in the PBS industry. Signatories of the Honour Code are committed to compliance with competition law by the Honorary Councillor for Economic Conflicts in the industry. The Council monitors compliance with the principles and deals with any damages.